Launch Announcement Of New Website

new website We have finally taken a step forward with the launch of our  You can visit us at Post months of utmost dedication and hard work, we are excited to finally announce the official launch of our new website on 1st June, 2020. 


team invites you to explore the new website and avail of the unique experience that is exceptionally user-friendly and communicative. With the latest turn of events, we hope to provide our customers with a more rewarding experience when they interact with us.


to excel in software, we have curated a full range of products to offer an
extraordinary digital life to everyone who chooses us. We endeavor to deliver
our partners the most up-to-date products and share our knowledge in the field
of software development and innovation.

By reinforcing our strengths like a comprehensive knowledge base, we are committed to providing extraordinary involvement to our customers, be it with our products or services. Our very first product, the PopGuard, has received exceptional feedback for its all-roundness as a blocking software. 

urge you to connect with us not only as a customer, but we also invite
individuals and enterprises to partner with us and evolve as a business with a
similar raison d’être towards global expansion.  

have made our best effort to build an interactive website jammed with superior technology
and advancement. The products are a result of decades of research and
dedication. The site is intuitive and straightforward for the most streamlined
experience for our customers.

We have come a long way from a simple tech blog to what we have made of today. With such encouragement and assistance from our customers, we aim to shore up and improve the communication with our clients and partners with features like the integrated social media buttons. We are always on the drive to bring fresh content with various announcements, helpful information, and insights to several day-to-day technical requirements.  

heartfelt recognition and gratefulness for every person who has helped us
through this journey with time and perseverance. 

website is live now. Visit and sign up for our newsletter to get quick updates,
blog posts, and special offer notifications celebrating our launch.